Mo earned his doctoral degree at the U of Michigan (2014) and joined the Boston College in 2019. He became a tenured-associate professor in 2022. He was an assistant professor in the U of South Carolina for 5 years. He is a recipient of NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) grant award. He has served as an elected service officer for  Political Communication Division at NCA and ComSHER at AEJMC. He serves as an editorial board member for top journals in the field like Journal of Communication. He received the Provost’s Breakthrough Star Award at the U of South Carolina and the Macdonald teaching award at the U of Michigan. Before joining the academia, Mo worked for SBS (a major network in Korea) as a TV reporter and left the field, but never regretted this decision 🙂

His research focuses on social/political implications of the digital media and big data social media analysis.  He is particularly interested in mis/disinformation behavior in the digital/social information environment.  Another research area involves Science/environmental communication. His research examines how the public understands and engages with scientific issues such as climate change and vaccine issues. He won numerous top paper awards from the prestigious conferences including ICA (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015), NCA (2015, 2019), and AEJMC (2011). 

His research projects are also funded by multiple sponsors, including NEH (National Endowment for the Humanities, $89,000, 2018~2020) and ASPIRE ($97,000, 2016~2017). The NEH project, collaborated by computer scientists and a linguistic scholar, examines how online fake news evolves (changes its story, structure) over sharing processes.

Mo now teaches Persuasion and Social Media at BC. Mo taught Public Opinion and Persuasion(J542) and Big data and social media (J400) at the USC and many other courses at the UM, including a large introductory course (Media Processes and Effects), hand-held lab sessions (Managing Information Environment), quantitative research methods course (Research Methods), upper level writing intensive course (Visual Culture and Literacy; Media and Individual), PR campaigns, and Public Opinion and Persuasion.  He had the honor to receive the Communication Department’s Best GSI (graduate student instructor) Award based on teaching evaluations from the 2012-2013 academic year.

Prior to entering the doctoral program at Michigan, he worked as a television journalist in Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS – one of the three national networks in South Korea) for 3 years.  He produced (write/interview/video-edit/voice-record) more than 200 television news reports that were aired throughout the nation.

He likes traveling and eating international food. He is a baseball fan, and plays golf. He does pilates and quit cola, ramen, and cakes to manage his diabetes condition.

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